Pot & Rice 煲仔飯

Mixed Seafood TomYum Pot & Rice

Mixed Seafood TomYum
Thai style Tom Yum with scallop, tiger prawn, mussel and mixed seafood, serve with lime wedge



Chinese Salami (Lap cheung) Pot & Rice

Chinese Salami (Lap cheung)
Sun dried duck liver and mince pork chinese style sausage with dried shrimp and mushroom

Korean Beef Flank & Kimchee Pot & Rice

Korean Beef Flank & Kimchee
Boneless Scottish slice beef flank marinated in Korean style sweet soy serve with kimchee and egg yolk



When East meets West, thick cut foie gras and chopped Chinese salami tangling together in our heated claypot. This is by far the most mesmerising dish on our entire menu.

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