Pot & Rice

Traditionally known as claypot rice

Being one of the most loved street food in the southern region of China and many nearby countries. Claypot rice is a dish you will find all your need in a meal being cooked in one claypot. 

For hundreds of years, claypot rice is being cooked and served in the same pot, this way rice comes out in different textures: soft rice in the middle, scorched rice on the bottom and around the pot. When served, pour the homemade soy sauce to add flavour as you like into the rice. With the rice being mixed upon serving you can enjoy both the crunchiness and the softness in the rice at the same time.

In Pot & Rice we insist to prepare our claypot rice the same way, but with added twists into our flavour, find out more here.

Our claypot rice dishes are being cooked in the traditional way therefore all ingredients are being cooked in the same pot upon order. 


Cheung Fun

Steamed Rice Noodle Roll

If you like dim sum, you must have tried cheung fun. To prepare a cheung fun dish, you will find a flat sheet of rice noodle rolling with different ingredients, upon serving, pour with the homemade sweet soy. All cheung fun dishes in pot and rice are being steamed from fresh in our kitchen.

We offer a range of the much loved breakfast dish in different variations. From a more traditional style with egg filling to a more daring kimchee and beef flavour, find out more here.