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Pot & Rice or also known as 'claypot rice' is a traditional dish among the region of Southern China and Southeast Asia. It has a history of more than 2000 years. Traditionally all the ingredients are cooked from raw and being served in the same pot. The material of the pots is aim to preserve heat for as long as possible therefore the whole dish is still being 'cooked' when it is on the table, in this way the rice in contact with the pot would develop a crust whilst the rice in the middle remains soft.

In Pot & Rice we offer traditional protein options as well as our own creative toppings.  

Before you start enjoying your pot & rice don't forget to mix it up well, some pot & rice experts might cover their pots up with the lids for a bit extra time to get more crunchiness on the rice.

In Pot & Rice we insist to prepare this dish in the traditional way therefore the waiting time will be longer but we try to control it within 15-20 minutes.