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Cheung Fun is another favourite here in Pot & Rice. Also known as rice noodle roll, it is one of the most popular dishes within a dim sum menu.


If you are walking on the streets of Southern China in the morning, it is not difficult to find the steaming hot dish as it is one of the most common breakfast dishes. As common as it gets, it comes in different shapes as well, some of them come in a very smooth finish which is mostly served on a dim sum menu, and you can also find wavily shaped Cheung Fun on a street stall, there is also Jyu Cheung Fun which is just plain rice noodle rolls with different sauces, etc.

In Pot & Rice we serve the wavily shaped Cheung Fun with different stuffings. The same with our other dishes we didn't just stop at the traditional offer but further to that we add in our different elements to surprise our customers.